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        1. People in Changjiang

          Dear new employees and friends, welcome to be a member of Changjiang biological family. Every inflow of fresh blood has become an important part of Changjiang and will bring new vitality to the body. No matter you are just out of school or you choose a job for the second time, Changjiang has a responsibility for you since then, and you have entered an organization that requires you to work hard for it.
          First of all, you choose a sunrise industry. Technological progress and huge demand make the development of biological industry have a broad prospect. As the fastest growing branch of biological industry, biomedical industry takes advantage of the huge development opportunities brought by China's reform and opening up. With the development of the country, it has become the general trend to expand domestic demand and pay attention to people's livelihood. Medical reform has brought China's medical and health industry into a more rapid development period. The in vitro diagnosis industry has made outstanding contributions to the health and epidemic prevention of people in China and even in the world. It is a bright pearl in the booming pharmaceutical and health industry.
          Secondly, Changjiang biology is an enterprise worth fighting for. Changjiang biology is an enterprise with ideal and ambition. It pursues excellence and is unwilling to leave behind. Continuous innovation is not only our slogan, but also our practice. The continuous innovation of technology and products makes the development of Changjiang full of potential. It is the commitment of Antu people to work hard and be better. The progress of industrial technology is the foundation of national and national rejuvenation, and we are duty bound.
          Changjiang biology is a healthy enterprise. In the past ten years, the company has developed from a pure sales company to an industrial enterprise jointly operated by reagents and instruments; from a dozen people at the beginning to hundreds of people at present, and from unknown to the leading enterprise of in vitro diagnosis enterprise in Henan Province In the future, Changjiang biology will become an important force in our in vitro diagnosis industry.
          Changjiang biology is an enterprise responsible for every employee. We employ our talents and strive to give full play to their talents; we pay attention to learning and training to create an open working environment; we do not stick to the same pattern of talents, so that young people who are willing to work hard and have brains can come to the fore; we require our cadres to be open-minded and take cultivation as their own responsibility; we pay attention to social security, so that every employee can have their own support; at the same time, we are also Make continuous efforts to make employees get a good salary and guarantee as much as possible; we care for each other, feel and pay attention to each employee's sadness and frustration, happiness and happiness.
          We advocate being realistic and trustworthy, and oppose vanity and deception; we firmly carry out differentiated management on employees in terms of performance, reward diligence, punish laziness, reward the good and punish the bad; we advocate being brave to take responsibility, and oppose buck passing; we hope our managers have passion, good decision-making, and strong execution.
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